Until I get over 5k followers. I am absolutely powerless. I am like Rudy's untucked junk. Please give me a blue pill or a boost, and I will follow back.
Omg. My resister family, I love you!! I promise to follow you all back, to retweet your tweets, to like your tweets, to give you love and encouragement, and most of all, to #Resist with you till I die!!
I didn't magically get sprung from Twitmo. By my calculations, I can follow someone every 30 minutes. I will follow you all back, I promise.
In the meantime, I'm happy to entertain. Anyone want to hear what a guy with sleep apnea sounds like? A chainsaw that suddenly stops. I'd like to put a pillow over his face. Oh, and he farts in his sleep too. Good times.
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