Thankful for @camanpour for pointing out the primary reason I have taken the stance I have on #NagornoKarabakh. There are existing UN resolutions calling on #Armenia to remove its military from #Azerbaijan and to allow people to return to their homes and lands. (Thread)
The rule of law is the most important thing we have in modern society, and if nations do not respect the mandates of the UN, and engage in armed conflict and unlawful occupation, how can they then argue of alleged violations of UN Treaties? You cannot cherry pick which aspects of
intl law apply to you. If a nation is unhappy with the UN resolutions, then it should have pursued political or legal means - not decades of war and displacing civilian populations. I also condemn the targeted and deliberate killing of civilians and bombing of civilian targets.
What has been most frustrating is that in my career, I’ve commented on countless conflicts, often harshly condemning the actions of one side. Never before I have been subjected to constant death threats, vile attacks, harassment of my business/personal life, or false accusations.
I also have never experienced the level of religious based hate speech as I have as a result of my calls for respect for the rule of law and an absolute halt to any killings of civilians. The situation in NK has escalated to a horrific point. But for negotiations to be a success,
the parties need to respect and abide by the rule of law, and negotiate and compromise to ensure not only compliance with existing mandates, but to allow for a harmonious existence going forward. Property rights of the people and protection of innocent life are important aspects.
I also hope that the vicious attacks on human rights advocates and defenders will stop - and instead people will seek to share reputable information and engage in searching for viable, reasonable solutions, considering the current and future realities.
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