Trump lost no support since 2016. Instead, he GREW HIS BASE like nothing the American political scene has never seen before.

80% of the gaslighting is to LIE to you about this.

Trump got 306 EC votes last time.

He'll top 340 this time.
Why do you think they MELT THE HELL DOWN every time some celebrity declares they're voting for Trump?

It damages their "increasingly unpopular Trump being abandoned by his own base & winning no new converts!" stupid gaslighting talking point.
They keep **ignoring** #WalkAwayFromDemocrats. When they are forced to mention it, they claim people like @BrandonStraka & @DrKarlynB are Russian bots or something.


They can't do it.

They just can't DO it.
So they spend MONTHS rolling out one FAKE NEWS STORY after another trying to get Trump's base to TURN ON HIM.

"Barr & Durham won't do anything until after the election."
"Trump called soldiers suckers & losers."
"Russians put a bounty on our soldiers, Trump ignored it!"
It's not working.

Barr & Durham will do something before the election, demonstrating the same anonymous leakers claiming the FBI were limiting their laptop investigation to determining if it was Russian disinfo were lying about THAT too.
And everybody gets to act ecstatic and surprised.

And the people constantly telling me "If Barr & Durham don't do something BY THE ELECTION, I'm staying home, I'm not voting for that failure Trump!" can find a new stupid talking point to whine at me with.
And all the people watching the fake polls and thinking this is a close race will also get to be surprised and relieved.

Remember what separates me from the people who buy anonymously sourced crap:

I can wait to be right.

Tick tick tick....

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