Seen a lot of bad takes about Kamala today, and I as a Pakistani can't hold it anymore. So here's a thread of me taking down the dumb takes of these basement dwelling neckbeards. They are literally clueless about the character and my culture but are still spewing BS about it.
First of let's talk about the Islamophobia, these dumbasses really think Muslim is a race. Also they are trying to say the writer isn't muslim because she white. It's really some racist and islamophobic shit.
They say that Kamala isn't connected to her culture which is the biggest BS ever. The way Kamala acts is like every pakistani teen these days, not even muslim just pakistani. I'm Pakistani and an atheist but still relate so much to her. The Writer portrayed our culture perfectly.
Also notice who these neckbeards often talk how the religion of a character shouldn't matter yet all they keep talking about is Kamala being a muslim, ironic isn't it.
They compare Kamala with Dust which again is such racist BS. Dust is Middle Eastern while Kamala is Pakistani, totally different cultures. These ppl don't know shit about my culture and are trying to tell ppl who actually portray it right that how my culture should be portrayed.
Also all of this shows how they have probably never even read about the character. These dumb gatekeepers never do and just dogwhistle whatever bullshit they hear from YouTubers. Oh and they assumptions and lack of knowledge about my culture really shows their Ignorance.
You can see how they come from a privileged position. They are saying the comic was trying too hard to make a point? No idiot, this shit really happens to us brown people especially in america. We face racist BS like this in our actual lives and the comic shows that.
The Ignorance, Islamophobia and Racism of this person really shows and goes to show why Kamala Khan is a much needed and important character in this day and age. Kamala Khan is exactly how Pakistani Culture is right now.
Let's end this on a positive note. The writer for Kamala Khan has portrayed my culture really accurate and in a positive way. Great work in making her. I love this character, all my homies love this character and hopefully more ppl will get to know her with the upcoming TV show.
Also Kamala Khan's character means a lot to me, I am Pakistani, I am a Teen and literally the biggest Captain Marvel fan. When I see Kamala I literally see myself in her and that's such an amazing feeling so be able to relate to a character at such a deep level. Kamala Khan is đź’–
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