For those who want to join the @TheRACP webinar " #ClimateChange — What We Can Do", register at
It's already started!
Reminder that as #healthcare providers and systems, we are contributors to the #ClimateChange and we also have an opportunity to mitigate. Healthcare makes up 7% of #Australia's #carbon footprint. @NJTalley01 @MJA_Editor
In his @TheRACP presidency, @NJTalley01 used his influence to advocate for action on #ClimateChange. He encourages advocacy to be visible to the public.
At @ANZCA we have our prof document PS64, a statement on #climatechange & established the environmental #sustainability working group. We have an audit tool for clinicians and a resource hub as a source of contemporary information.
Land clearing and #deforestation means greater interaction between species of animals as habitats are lost. This means the development of zoonotic #diseases.
Lots of references to @pencheon1 in this morning's @TheRACP webinar.
Here's a link to @NEJM's hub on #ClimateChange and #Health: 
1% of total expenditure at my #health service spent on #electricity, #gas and #fuel.
If only we had a #sustainability officer/committee to:
1. drive lower costs by transitioning to self-generation of #renewableenergy
2. create ways to reduce our energy consumption
Now @JudkinsSimon sharing his reflections. He was in Mallacoota in January when #Australia burned down. #ClimateChange
A question in the q and a about embedding #sustainability in specialist college training programs. At @ANZCA, we've done that and there have been exam questions based on our PS64.
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