Some reflections after years of campaigning on agriculture policy in Europe.

(1/5) A policy fed for decades by billions of EUR, that has fertilized a huge undergrowth of lobbyists, MPs, MEPs, administrators & businessmen isn't reformed easily and not without conflict.
(2/5) Farmers that have been made dependent on subsidies don't trust environmental reforms, especially if their lobby associations tell them the status quo is the best possible option, and that NGOs are the enemy.
(3/5) As long as vested interests of agriculture Ministers, Parliament committees and administrations have the power to set the rules for the subsidies, we won't get close to the transformation that science requires us to do.
(4/5) Permanent public awareness and media attention is what the system fears most. If the media focus stays on veggieburgers and consumer stories the system can survive. But we've achieved a turning point here, at least in some countries: public opinion is on our side!
(5/5) Today's #CAP vote in the European Parliament was probably and hopefully the last big win of the agro-industrial lobby if we continue working together like we did in the last days!
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