FALSIFICATION OF AZERBAIJANS “HISTORY” (a thread - this is gonna be long) #PeaceForArmenians #StopAliyev #StopAzerbaijaniAggression #StopAzeriLies
1. The Caucasian Turks proclaimed the state naming it ‘Azerbaijan’ - ‘Azerbaijan’ is the phonetically transformed name from Atropatene. Atropatene used to be a part of the Iranian world and never extended north of the river, Arax.
2. Atropatene was first mentioned by classical authors (like Pliny the Elder) They defined that region SOUTH of the Arax River. To clarify, there is no such thing as an entity known as Azerbaijan north of the Arax River, north of the province of Iranian Azerbaijan.
3. The Northern part of modern day Azerbaijan was created in a political aspect in May of 1918. Abbasgulu Bakikhanov, was an Azerbaijani writer/historian (the father of Azerbaijani history) does not call the territories north of the River Arax Azerbaijan.
4. The Northern territories were called Shirvan and Daghestan. In modern Azerbaijan, they translated his book into ‘The History of Azerbaijan’ which is a completely different title. In this book, he talks about great length of Armenia but these terms were omitted by Azerbaijan.
5. Anton Denkin, who was the general ruler of Russia during the civil war, wrote in his memoirs “Everything in the Republic of Azerbaijan was artificial, fake: beginning with the name, taken from one of the Person provinces +
Its synthetic territory included the Lezgi Zakatala, the Armenian-Tartar Baku and Elizabethpol provinces and the Russian Mughan, bound together by the Turkish policy, as the rampart.”
6. Before 1936 “Azerbaijanis” were called Caucasian Tartars/Turks referred to the USSR Census in 1926.
7. Azerbaijanis claim that Yerevan (Armenia’s capital) was founded in the beginning of the 16th century by Erivan Khanate and that it was named after him. But Yerevan and its fortress have been mentioned dozens of times before the 16th century.
8. Early in the 7th century Yerevan withstood the Arabs. In 1387, Yerevan fought Tamerlane (a Mongol Conquerer) and 500 of its citizens died.
9. How could it be founded in the 16th century when 2 centuries before that Mongol ruler Abu Sa’id minted coins for Yerevan and even printed the cities name on the coin?
10. Another claim by Azerbaijanis - “Armenians did not inhabit the territory of the current Republic of Armenia before the 15th century” map including Armenia in the 6th century by a Non-Armenian ⬇️
11. Herodotus - the father of historiography - placed Armenia at the center of the world, other antique historians have also (3rd and 5th century maps ⬇️)
12. Islamic maps never applied Azerbaijan north of Arax River, the only region North of the Arax River is Arran (Albania)
13. 🇦🇿s also claim that 🇦🇲s are not native to 🇦🇲 because 🇦🇲s call 🇦🇲“Hayastan” and that 🇦🇲 & Hayastan are 2 complete different countries. But it is completely normal for a country to be called different names in different languages (Ex. Georgia in Engl, Sakartvelo in Geogian)
14. The Turko-Persian Wars devastated Armenia and decreased its population heavily. The modern Azerbaijani fabricators of History use this war to claim that no Armenians lived in this region.
15. Passing through Yerevan in 1673, a famous French Traveler (John Jardine? Dk how to spell his name) made a drawing in his traveling memoir of the capital of Armenia.
16. Christian Armenian monuments/churches were destroyed during the USSR. Soviet authorities bannered Atheism. St. Peter & Paul Church built in the 5th century was ruined in the 1930s. St. Mary’s Cathedral built in the 12th/13th centuries was also ruined in the center of Yerevan.
17. Two indigenous distinct races of Modern Azerbaijan: Caucasian Albanians and Lezgis/Udis. At the beginning of the collapse of USSR, Armenians were the first to protest for liberation in Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) then followed the Talishs, and Lezgins.
Talishs and Lezgins were oppressed and both their leaders were exiled.
18. The Moscow University scholars have revealed that only 2 of the independent states (Armenia and Belarus) have not distorted their own history nor the history of their neighbors. All these falsifications are presented in Azerbaijani textbooks in schools.
19. Azerbaijani children are taught that the destroyed Christian Armenian monuments in Azerbaijan were created by their ancestors who were Christian. But Azerbaijani authorities have and are still continuing to destroy thousands of Armenian monuments.
20. In conclusion, there was no entity by the name of Azerbaijan in the north of the Arax River until 1918. The Northern part of modern day Azerbaijan was created in a political aspect in May of 1918.
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