There are plenty of metrics you can track--stars, forks, PRs/MRs, etc--but more data doesn’t necessarily mean clearer insight.

I propose two second-order metrics to track to build a sustainable OSS community:
-PRs/MRs reviewer breakdown
-Leaderboard of different interactions
Why? Because...

PRs/MRs reviewers breakdown speaks to Ownership.

Leaderboard of different community interactions speaks to Incentive.

Both are important elements that drive sustainability.
Here's an example comparison between @thekonginc & @apache_pulsar of reviewers breakdown.

Key takeaway: @sonicaghi & @subnetmarco (who created Kong) aren't doing much reviews any more; that's good thing! Pulsar, a younger project, is on its way to gaining that balance.
Here's an example comparison between @thekonginc & @apache_pulsar of 90-day interactions leaderboard.

This view helps visualize interactions frequency and who's doing what -- useful for both internal management & external community building, if you are building a COSS company.
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