Today we're heading into the Bush near the last spike to find the ruins of an old tramway and sawmill. It was closed down in 1940.
Found an old sign from 2006
And some spikes in old wooden sleepers. G
Getting deeper into the damp misty bush now.
Found some ruins. The Bush isn't growing through this pile. I see bricks, including some firebricks.
Some of these trees would have been hedges long ago.
Found rails. Wooden rails for the tram that carried the logs out of the bush to the mill
Found a fence post. And more wooden rail.
Iron. Maybe a pipe or a tub. And a thicker steel plate.
Found a wagon wheel
Hope we find the way back.
Found this deep in the Bush. I wonder if I can find the date these were made.
More photos of the sawmill tramway ruins in the Bush!
Some of the bricks from a collapsed building. It says "BRUNN......."
An steel rail in the bush
Iron spikes and wooden tramway rails.
Me in the bush
Not shown, all the blackberry scratches on my legs.
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