As usual, I want to clarify some stuff yet again. For there could be any new followers. If you didn't already know, I am Azerbaijani - I grew up in Baku, but now living in Turkey for 10 years now. I am not a nationalist, I don't hate Armenians (although I used to in my teenage).
I translate what Azerbaijani officials and media say without any commenting added - such as "our courageous army", "their stinky muppets" and etc. Because this is what I want media appear to be. Until there is such media, I will try to emulate it.
This doesn't mean I will post Armenian side always too. No, I only repost when it is relevant (for example, @HovhanNaz is a good source for me) and even then I translate it for my Azerbaijani audience. Armenians already have Twitter-savvy reporters. No need for me.
This being said, I can't be fully neutral or act like a third side here. Objectivity doesn't mean neutrality. My friends, relatives are in Azerbaijani army right now and they are fighting. There is no way I can think of anything bad happening to them.
So, please let's just stay in our lanes here, eh? Have a good night.
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