Here’s a thread of 1 policy I liked from every Dem candidate in the field this year, I’m gonna try and stay away from the candidates biggest policy (Yang’s UBI, Bernies M4A, etc.)

Also I’m not covering Joe Biden.
Next is Tulsi Gabbard. I liked her “end the new Cold War” policy. I’m a big opponent of nuclear war and war in general so I was happy to see this policy on her page.
Next is Ms Staple Thrower herself Amy Klobuchar with her policy to automatically register everyone to vote when they turn 18. I’ve been a huge fan of this idea since I heard it and think it should definitely be implemented no matter who is president.
Mayor Pete is up next, with his “Uplifting Rural America” policy. I liked this policy because it talked about and connected a lot of different things such as immigration, small business, healthcare, and internships and gave ways to solve these problems in these communities
Next is @fOrGiVeNcHy’s CATDADDY Tom Steyer, with his “Working Families Tax Cut” policy. This policy I think would go a long way in shifting the balance of wealth inequality back in the right direction, and finally give real Americans a tax cut, rather than the wealthy
Next we have Beto O’Rourke with a specific area of his gun violence policy which is the area about trauma and medical research into gun violence. I’m a huge advocate for mental health and think that something similar to this needs to be done eventually.
Next is the Queen of the KHive, Kamala Harris’ “Mental Healthcare on Demand” policy. As stated before I’m a huge advocate for mental health and actually really like this policy and think it should be implemented anyway.
The Swole King, John Delaney, has a really good policy called “National AI Strategy” which would have prepared America for the incoming Automation and Artificial Intelligence wave. Probably one of his best policies, very Yang-esque.
Next is Bloomberg. Yes you read that right, Bloomberg has a good policy. The “National 311” policy would create a number that citizens can call text or tweet to get information and connect directly to the federal government.
Marianne Williamson is next with her “Department of Peace” policy. This is such a great idea because America has so many programs dedicated to war and defense but none relating to peace and and Stability.
Michael Bennet’s “Plan to End Poverty” policy is my favorite policy of his. It gives statistics in poverty by age groups and race, and gives solutions that would fix it such as child tax credits, strengthening the safety net and more. 
Deval Patrick’s only sexy policy is abolishing the electoral college and ending gerrymandering
Jay Inslee’s entire campaign was based around clean energy but he had a plan to empower workers which was decent
Steve Bullock had barely any policies listed but one that caught my eye was his plan to force every company to disclose all the money that they have spent to influence American elections
Wayne Messam, Eric Swalwell, Richard Ojeda, Seth Moulton, and Joe Sestak had either no policies or only had policies that were very similar to ones I already chose from other candidates. Sucks to suck.
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