Today, on our journey across Lagos, we paid respect to the ones we have lost. It was an emotional time for everyone, and we will find a way to remember them in the coming days.
Lagos belongs to us all. No other state has this unique combination of people living in peace, harmony and progress so it saddened me when I went round for an on-the-spot assessment to ascertain the level of destruction to public assets and private properties.
Our beautiful city has seen a level of destruction almost akin to a war zone. It was a shocking and very sad spectacle. Our land took a beating and this hurts. Historical buildings, cultural centres, private malls, government holdings and private businesses were pillaged & burnt.
This is not the Lagos we know. I am the 15th governor of the state and Lagos has never witnessed this level of destruction. The oldest court in Nigeria was razed down. Many properties were completely destroyed. It is time to heal ourselves and time to heal Lagos.
I will like to advise and implore citizens to resist the urge to instigate or incite people to violence especially on social media.

It is wrong to spread misinformation and create mass hysteria.
We also visited the various hospitals today to check on the progress of victims that were brought in from events this week.

It was heartwarming to note that quite a number have been discharged. We have also indicated that we will be picking all the bills.
Lagos will not burn. Not on my watch. Enough is enough. We want peace and we will get peace.

As shocking and sad as this situation is, we must come out of the ashes of destruction strong and with a determination that this unfortunate situation will not kill the spirit of Lagos.
We are Lagosians. We are known for our creativity, enterprising and can-do spirit. I am convinced that we will heal and rebuild our land. We have no other choice. It is our land and our home. We must do right by it.
We have expanded the terms of reference for the Judicial Panel of Inquiry and Restitution to include the incident at the Lekki toll gate. If you have any claims, do send them to the panel. The panel will begin to sit on Monday at the Lagos Court of Arbitration situated in Lekki.
Going forward, we have to renew our commitment to peace, progress, social cohesion and make a promise to ourselves that never again shall we allow the forces of darkness take over our land.

Because this is our land.

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