I tried to look into the details I could manage to find in #MOTHxGULF and the research I did left me quite speechless tbh. First of all, this is my own interpretation of the "secret Gulf wants to tell" and it is very much open to discussion so here we go +
Firstly taking in their brand name MOTH, it is quite interesting to find that a moth represents psychological transformation, to awaken the spirit within you and accept the changes in life. Moths represent wisdom, truth, secrets, faith, determination, vulnerability and weakness +
Don't get confused that it's bad that Moths are vulnerable and weak, they tend to be like that due to their blind faith in following the direction of the light be it of the sun, moon or stars.
Digging deeper, secondly we can see the blindfold covering Gulf's eyes. Being blindfold could mean that they are constricted, limited, tend to avoid. This could represent the views of a society who are tend to be in denial with the current norms. +
In other ways a blindfold can symbolise the fact that Love is Blind. We let our hearts be the ruler, we give importance to emotion over perception. Love comes in every form, we can't help who we fall in love with. Love is an emotion that is meant to be felt not dealt. +
Thirdly I'm sure everyone must have noticed the subtle undertones of femininity and masculinity presented. Clothes do not have a gender but for this interpretation I would say that the first shot shows Gulf being slightly feminine while the second shot shows the society norm +
Of what masculinity is. While Gulf might turn a blind eye to the feminine side because he is concerned about what the people might think, he tries to embrace the masculine side of him being presented as tough, fierce and being a 'man'.
The final shot of him being his normal self, embracing both the feminine and masculine sides of him is his final form. He breaks out of the gender norms (honestly fck gender norms anyway) and embraces who he truly is, he's proud of the both sides of him, feminine and masculine. +
Discussing the theme of the video which is black and white is honestly a raw and bold concept. Black is often associated with sophistication, power, strength and while White is good, purity, innocence and peace. They are opposites yet come together to form something raw & real. +
The final shot of Gulf being clad in all black can mean that he has embraced himself and he is confident in his own skin, he knows he is powerful and strong and he isn't afraid to show his mark while also being pure and good. +
The final tagline "Proud to be yourself" is pretty self explanatory. Gulf is proud, he is proud to be himself and he urges the others to be the same. Gulf is proud of the journey he has come across, he is proud to have learnt about himself and the changes in him. +
He's proud to embrace every side of him and he is proud to declare that love can happen in many forms and ways. In my opinion I think he wants to declare equal rights of people of every gender. Gulf is quiet yet bold, he is showing us that we should accept the reality as it is. +
Lastly I think, this whole campaign of Gulf's secret is him telling us about himself. He's showing us in his own way a little bit about himself. We should all embrace who we are, we should support every gender. We need to learn to love in many ways.
Remember P'Mew also saying that love comes in many forms, love for people, animals, objects. Love is an emotion. Always remember. Don't let anybody put you down for who you love, be proud of yourself and I hope everything will always work out đŸŒˆâ€
I just want to add that this is purely my opinion and my interpretation of this whole project. This is open to discussion and I would love to hear your own opinions on each theme, concept etc. 😊
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