These kinds of liberals boil my blood tbh
For these types, it's not good enough that folks vote for Biden. No, you also have to perform total happiness about it and submit to the centrist agenda of just allowing the country to shift further and further right without any critique whatsoever.

Like WTF...
And these will be the same folks who 1) say "we'll hold Biden accountable once he's in office" and 2) claim to be doing this to fight fascism if it's not literally a function of fascism that people are coerced into being uncritical of public officials.
Again, this is why I have no regrets about not voting for either of them. Of course, I don't want 4 more years of 45, but the trajectory with Biden is the same shit we've been on for decades now and it's so dangerous.
The "context" is useless and gets us nowhere.

We all are in agreement that 45 is shit and needs to go...this doesn't need to be explained. Now, when do we get to the part of addressing how the dem party is objectively terrible + not a viable alternative?
Because until you do THAT work, you're basically supporting a party that rolls out the red carpet for fascists
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