While the national spotlight was on us protestors were framed as the only agitators (same as the 4th precinct occupation.)

And then months later, we get footnotes like "Whoops! Turns out there were outside actors."

Maybe start listening to people on the ground in the moment? https://twitter.com/AndrewMannix/status/1319666269835173888
The night the 3rd Precinct burned, and the nights after, there were trucks full of armed white supremacists and Boogaloos reported all over the city.

No one listened. No one responded. Regular folks were literally standing guard to protect community collected resources.
I wish that more of the story could be about how the community in Minneapolis bound together and protected ourselves after the police and national guard and our elected leaders made the choice to abandon us and let our city burn.

We showed that we CAN protect our communities.
I'm still amazed at the community patrols and infrastructure of mutual aid and community care that popped up literally overnight.

We set up our own emergency response system. We distributed fire extinguishers and hoses and held watch.

It wasn't perfect, but it was amazing.
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