Everyone is concerned about what Trump said in a presidential debate regarding AQI of India,Russia and China.
This might be a time for education.
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↗️The discussion was regarding the Paris Climate Agreement, under which all countries have to commit to reduce/control their respective carbon emissions WRT the agreement.
↗️ According to this agreement developing nations like India and China were not covered under the ambit of carbon emissions restrictions.
↗️Apart from this, developed economies like US and EU were supposed to even provide funds to developing countries to ehnance dependence on renewable/sustainable energy sources.
↗️Even after withdrawing from the agreement, Trump administration has done fairly well than the Democrats who held offices before his Republican government.
↗️The strategic alliance of US and India has only improved after Trump came to office.
↗️ Although the tone in which Trump said "filthy" is objectionable, but the way in which Leftist media of the west and India have projected is questionable!
↗️The manner in which Trump rejects Radical Islamic Extremism is also a painful aspect for the liberals in the West as well as in India. India too, stands clear in its approach as far as Pakistan and Kashmir issue is concerned!
↗️ Now coming back to carbon emissions, US is a largely consumerism based country, per capita carbon imprint is much higher. Dig deeper!
↗️India too, without the restrictions lifted has done fairly well in improving renewable/sustainable energy production under #Modiji.
↗️Talking of China, well being a much larger economy China has failed to reduce emmisions by not improving their efforts. Remember China is not a democracy like India and US.
↗️How many of you remember the reluctance of Leftists groups opposing renewable energy projects like Dams and Windmills, not just from print media but also from the floors of our own Parliament.
↗️Right from the floor of our own parliament many people opposed such projects over the years.
Most of them were left leaning.
↗️Many people like Medha Patkar and Arundhati Roy received awards and honours over their opposition over the Sardar Sarovar Dam, which used to be once funded by the World Bank itself!
Imagine the hypocrisy!
↗️The Sardar Sarovar Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Narmada river in Kevadiya near Navagam, Gujarat in India. Four Indian states, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, receive water and electricity supplied from the dam.
↗️The left ecosystem funded by Fords and Sororses and who knows opposed every renewable energy project in India from Dams to windmills(Suzlon) to solar projects!
↗️Not many people know that due to the closing down of Sterilite plant of Thoothukudi, India currently imports copper from foreign countries, esp China! Fishy enough?
↗️You may search and be surprised to know how the left ecosystem opposed and protested against every developmental project in India since decades! The same which hates Trump and Modi both right now!
↗️Now coming back to the moot point,be it Republicans or Democrats of the US their main agenda is to achieve power and control the world.
↗️ Neither Trump nor Biden can ignore India simply because it's not just a big market for the US but also the biggest pool of talent for the US corporates,R&D and several other sectors. YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT!
↗️Now I am not here to defend Trump, even Biden has promised to impose restrictions on fracking for natural gases in US which provides livelihood to many Americans!
↗️My concern is about how the leftist secular media has been successful in dividing opinions of majority of Indians in India as well as abroad because of this singular statement!
↗️I simply support Trump because he supports Modi ji, and most of the Republicans do too.
Democrats on the other hand hate Modi ji and Hinduism to the point of exasperation. Although tables may turn, but I will stand by Modi ji, no matter what!
↗️All these thoughts are my original feelings which I have spilled out due to the current reaction on Social media, blowing up things isn't going to work here. We are patriotic but we are not balanced, India should be in talking terms under the leadership of Modi ji!
↗️ I request all my RW friends to share their thoughts about my approach, I may be wrong according to some,but I cannot fall into false agendas. #AQI might be injurious to health but dishonesty to nation is almost death,to me! #JaiHind
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