To all those Insafians who are always in Panic & Insecurity mode:

You are also as unaware of Imran Khan as was/is the corrupt opposition & their compromised allies in media.Imran Khan has a trait which none of the rulers/leaders since Liaquat Ali Khan’s time had : Moral Force
His popularity, charisma, hold on people’s hearts, tenacity, grit & perseverance all have their roots in his MORAL FORCE.

Even some of the Insafians are as ignorant of Imran’s tenacity as Klasra who wrote a bullshit alleging that Imran was seen weeping in a picture due to crisis
When he says that “kursi mazboot nahin” he is expressing his humility before Allah & the ephemerality of authority enjoyed through a govt office.

When he says that “main hakoomat main na bhi huwa to inko nahin choron ga” he is expressing his CONVICTION to stand against the Mafia
When he says “main public nikalon ga” - Believe me he WILL. Why? Because his MORAL AUTHORITY is impeccable - He never asks people to come out so that he may somehow conceal & protect his “personal assets”
He never criticises any state institution to blackmail them & browbeat them into NOT opening cases against him.

He has nothing to hide by staying in power SO he has no fears of not being in power.
And even common sense says that the current govt. has nothing to fear from PDM circus - It has other genuine issues & crises to handle: Inflation, unemployment & corruption in bureaucracy & state institutions
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