Morning thoughts after the #Debates2020 We have been living in the midst of evil for 4 years. For all of us with tender hearts this has felt intolerable. /1
2/ Last night Donald trump has an opportunity to express empathy for the families of 220,000 dead Americans - many of whom died alone. He was not able to do so
3/ Last night trump was offered an opportunity to express compassion for the children he ripped from parents arms to sleep alone on concrete. He could not offer a single shred of care
4/ This is who he is. He was offered the oppty to speak to ALL Americans & yet he continued his “red state blue state BS” divisiveness.
5/ — leading to the conclusion that he is simply incapable. For whatever reason (I don’t care) he is so broken that he is mentally & emotionally unfit to lead & he needs to be gone.
6/ It’s not over on Nov 3. We still have months of processing & healing from the damage & suffering this man has caused. And dealing with the anger at all who have been complicit & silent in this evil.
7/ for now, #VoteEarly so we can end this nightmare. Vote for humanity & decency & compassion & unity. We are not “red & blue” - we CAN be better & we must. This is a fight against evil. #VoteBlue #VoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt
8/ Love yourself in this time. Walk. Garden. Plant. Read. Listen. Act. Meditate. Look for beauty. Take a virtual museum tour. Learn something new. Play with your animal. Fill your life with joy. Do not become “them”. Stay in integrity We will survive this. /End
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