This Will Stop You From Being Successful (REAL TALK)

On the road to success, you're going to encounter a ton of barriers that will try to stop you

These barriers are all self inflicted and if you're not aware of them, you will inevitably fail

Let's take a closer look

You Care What Others Think

Most of you are more concerned about the opinions of others than reaching your goals

F*k that

People are going to criticize you no matter what you do, so you might as well chase your dreams while they do it

Laugh at the haters & keep moving forward
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A lot of you read too many books and don't put any of that knowledge into practice

Knowledge without action is weak and doesn't accomplish anything

Knowledge with action puts you ahead of everyone else and into the elite category

Less reading, more action
Low Self Worth

A lot of you deep down don't believe you can achieve success or that you don't deserve it

This usually stems from a bad upbringing, a bad social circle or past failures

Work internally on your self esteem, find new friends & use past failures to your advantage

Most people fail once and then give up. This is insanity

Failure should be used like trial and error

Try something. If it doesn't work, readjust and try again

Eventually, you will overcome that obstacle

Repeat this process & fail your way all the way to success

A lot of you are perfectionists and are preparing way too much

While you're spending months trying to get everything right, others less qualified are taking all the money that you would have made if you jumped into the market sooner

Jump in and learn along the way
Vague Goals

Vague goals will get you vague results

Be very specific on the goal that you're trying to achieve

Reverse engineer and break down the steps to get to that goal from where you are today

Take consistent action on each step everyday until you reach that destination
Not Putting In The Work

Most of you know this information already

What stops you is laziness or relying on temporary motivation to take action

If you rely on motivation to move forward, you will fail

Build discipline, show up every day and put in the work

Hopefully this thread has made you aware of the traps you'll encounter along the journey

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