Your tax person is TAKING ADVANTAGE of you!

It honestly makes me really ANGRY for you.

Q: How are they taking advantage of me?

Read on for that answer and an EASY solution.

They are doing what they need to keep you compliant with the law, but they aren’t looking for serious ways to save you tax.

Q: How is that taking advantage of me?

Because they KNOW where they could push harder for YOUR BENEFIT and they know that you don’t know.
Q: Why do they do this?

Because once they get you on as a client, inertia takes over:

There’s a lot of work the first year to get you setup in their systems and they just hope not much changes for you in the years after.
They even have a term for this: SALY - SAME AS LAST YEAR.

That’s their holy grail. Collect the same fee, but minimal work because nothing in your life changed.

Q: What’s the solution?
My preferred solution is I would get on the phone with all 7,000 of your tax people and hold them to the highest standard for you.

...but that might not be realistic...

The good news is I have another SOLUTION!
What if I could teach you how I would hold your tax person accountable in a way that was EASY for YOU?

What if you could be armed with all the tools I would use?

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