It’s a pretty simple fact and Tesla (the world’s largest supplier of lithium batteries) will tell you there isn't enough lithium on earth to build enough batteries for the world to be all electric and it takes fossil fuels to build batteries. Green new slush funds are a joke.
Have you ever seen the strip mining done to harvest lithium which is necessary for current battery technology? By Far it's far more destructive to the environment than oil.
Solar will NEVER be viable because the sun only shines for a limited time. In places like Denmark, there are times it only shines for 4-5 hrs/day.
Do you realize how much collection and storage you would need to account for to provide 19-20 hrs of electricity from 4-5 hrs of collection?
THEN... transmitting it where it needs to be?! The reason T Boone Pickens abandoned his Wind farm was he couldn't get it connected to the grid.
Battery technology might make some improvements, but they will be incremental and the amount of time/energy it takes to improve will exceed its benefit. What do you do with the Battery, afterwards... and where do you get the chemicals like Lithium?! Through stripping the Earth.
Nuclear is the best option and it's ready to go now for the grid. We don't need a breakthrough, but it's not going to ever be efficient to be both safe and portable.
But the same people claiming this are the same ones against new reactors and against recycling nuclear waste (about a 96-97% yield) to reduce what we even have to store away.
As for solar, it is never going to be consistent. Same with wind. And you necessarily need to store electricity for these options to be the primary part of your grid.
Not even touching on the environmental impact of each option... not just in emissions and producing the materials, but in the ecological impacts of solar and wind farms.
Storing electricity is an extremely difficult scientific proposition. That's why batteries have to be so nasty and acidic. Any further innovation in battery technology will necessarily involve some nasty stuff. Hell, lithium is nasty.
Pure lithium explodes on contact with water.
Now, if there are other ways to safely store potential energy and convert it to electricity in real time to feed an electric motor, I'm more than happy to consider them... but it has proven to be an expensive and unfruitful search for the mythical panacea
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