I am Fight Club pissed at this level of stupid.

This will be a thread.

What the Republicans are talking about is anti- Free market.

They are basically promoting flip phone at the birth of the Iphone.

Blockbuster on the dawn of streaming. https://twitter.com/MattShaheen/status/1319626429949218817
Let's understand what oil is and where it comes from
The United States has a healthy size oil production but a majority of oil comes from other countries.
Renewable energy prices fell to record lows in 2019
Utility-scale renewable energy prices are now significantly below those for coal and gas generation, and they're less than half the cost of nuclear.Jan 21, 2020- Forbes

You can hedge price fluctuations better in this space.
Right now-- as we are flying less planes, Cruise ships are docked and fewer ppl are commuting COVID has wiped thousands of oil company jobs.

It is not a stable market. Green Jobs that don't require large oil buys first have a lower cost of operation. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/sep/30/shell-to-cut-up-to-9000-jobs-on-back-of-covid-19-crisis
Here is the obvious tell- Joe Biden - is not president.

No one is making anyone do this. But Shell, BP, and other companies have NET Zero plans already, because they can read the market, they can read a balance sheet and understand cost--
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