We pay our taxes so that there are hospitals, police, social care

NHS- not properly funded
Police - less money than ever for community policing
Social Care - children going hungry

Our taxes: given to banks, consultants and Tory party spivs https://twitter.com/B_ISTO__ARS/status/1319643096066523137
And how do we respond?

NHS - Look at the 100 year old soldier walking round his garden!
Police - Call in the army!
Social Care - I'm loving it!

And these little rays of hope make us less angry that we have been stolen from.

But be soothed at your peril
Your money, your hospitals, your nurses, your neighbourhood bobby, your sense of security, your safety net, the cushion beneath your falling neighbours IT HAS BEEN STOLEN.

Not by immigrants and the poor but by THE PEOPLE AT THE TOP.
They are pissing in your eyes while the papers they own tell you it's God's own golden rain.

During the age of austerity, the rich got richer.

Anyone trying to change that is vilified and shamed and we swallow the fucking lot.
This country is dying, and the Tories have their foot on its throat.

This planet is dying and the people that fund the Tories have their fangs locked into its heart.

Fuck me. What a tragedy that we should know it, see it, and fail to do a goddamn thing about it.
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