I’ll be your radio pooler covering Sen. Harris’ trip to Georgia today. Follow along for updates, including a planned get-out-the-vote rally later this evening. #gapol https://twitter.com/kamalaharris/status/1319636628634206209
Sen. @KamalaHarris landed in Atlanta 11:15, and said she’s in Georgia because it’s an important state for the 11/3 election.

“The people of Georgia deserve to have a president who sees them, who cares about them... Georgia has been hit so hard by the pandemic.” #gapol
More Harris on pandemic:

“We're here to talk about what Joe and I are prepared to do. We have a plan that's about national testing, contact tracing. We have a plan that's about supporting small businesses and supporting working families.” https://twitter.com/stphnfwlr/status/1319660761195696129
We’re holding for lunch a little while, while Sen. Harris is participating in some virtual fundraisers. Grilled chicken salad is what your pooler is currently working on!
We’re at the Gathering Spot, where @KillerMike joins Kamala Harris+several students from Morehouse+Spelman for a “Shop Talk” event about the HBCU experience.

“There’s an assumption when you walk in the door on day one, you are great,” she said. #gapol
Now we’re at another “Shop Talk” event, where Harris is discussing issues like health care, criminal justice reform and intergenerational wealth with a focus on Black men.
A question from @jermainedupri pushes Harris on her record as a prosecutor, saying some he knows thinks Harris “put a lot of Black brothers away in your past.”

Here’s part of her answer:
Just stopped for quick dinner at iconic soul food restaurant Busy Bee Cafe.

Harris ordered catfish, greens and sweet potatoes before main rally event at Morehouse College. She also says she’s planning to vote absentee in the election. – bei Busy Bee Cafe
This is what a drive-in campaign rally looks like in coronavirus times. There’s ~50 cars of people here on the campus of Morehouse. Kamala Harris will be speaking here some point soon.
The Kamala Harris Early voting event is underway, including comments from likely next GA05 Rep @NikemaWilliams who says “the road to the Senate majority and the White House is paved right through Georgia.” #gapol

Also @DarshunKendrick, @ossoff @ReverendWarnock and more.
“No one in Georgia believes that this is a red state any longer,” Warnock says. He’s one of 20 candidates in the #gasen special election that’s currently held by Kelly Loeffler.
A raucous honking welcome for @KamalaHarris at this early voting rally in Atlanta. #gapol
“Atlanta represents so much about who we are as Americans,” @KamalaHarris says, to more honks and cheers. #gapol https://twitter.com/stphnfwlr/status/1319754765119721474
Meanwhile from the other side of the presidential ballot: https://twitter.com/kathrynw5/status/1319750243626356737
Closing message from @KamalaHarris:
Before heading back to the airport, @KamalaHarris visits the 65-foot John Lewis mural on Auburn Avenue in downtown Atlanta, where @bluestein asks how she plans to honor the legacy of the Civil Rights/Voting Rights icon. #gapol
And they’re off - Sen. Harris flying off literally into a beautiful Georgia sunset.
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