Hi. It me, the campaign reporter who also spent several years literally only reporting on Pennsylvania and fracking. There are a LOT of things us national reporters are oversimplifying and dumbing down here. Hold onto your butts for a thread.
-Fracking – more accurately the energy economy that has sprung up around it -- has been a real boost to the state, particularly Western Pa. Pittsburgh has become a Houstoneque energy hub.
-It’s always been controversial and many Pennsylvanians have been skeptical – particularly in the vote-rich eastern half of the state. And as both Dem and GOP governors underregulated, voters wanted more scrutiny.
-A MORE IMPORTANT ALSO: Pennsylvania has a LOT of other energy activity. The turnpike is dotted with wind turbines. Pittsburgh is ALSO a growing tech and clean energy hub. It’s not the fracking wonderland President Trump makes it out to be.

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