As "Federal cabinet readies airline bailout package” there don’t appear to be any “green strings.” That's problematic when you consider carbon pollution from air travel has been increasing by about a million tonnes each year. 1/
Fuel efficiency is improving, but not fast enough to keep up with the growth in kilomteres flown. Which is why Mark Carney, among others, has called for “green strings” on any airline bailouts @TheICCT has laid out 5 recommendations for greening 2/
prospective bailouts
1. Accelerate the retirement of excess, carbon intensive capital stocks -- a scrappage program &/or a fuel efficiency standard for in-service (not just new) aircraft - see
3. Build durable funding mechanisms to support continued investments -- a fuel levy, emissions trading, or carbon tax on airlines with revenue earmarked for research and development (R&D). (or maybe something that targets frequent fliers, like this: ) 5/
4. Limit future emissions growth through meaningful targets -- Airlines have already agreed to offset most growth in international CO2 from 2020. This could be expanded to include domestic aviation and to transition away from offsets. 6/
5. Empower consumers, who should be able to vote with their $ to support lower emitting airlines. Most people aren’t aware that the carbon intensity of flights linking the same city-city pair can vary by more than 80%. Mandatory reporting of emissions by flight! 7/
Canada can look to other countries like France and the Netherlands for inspiration and ideas. Bottom line, if we’re going to “build back better” we actually have to do it, at every & any opportunity. 8/8
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