Lots of data now to suggest youth vote highly motivated this election.

Using @TargetSmart's TargetEarly data 18-29 y/o share of early vote up 31% from 2016, a remarkable thing.

Youth much bigger slice of a much larger early vote pie. Not sure many saw that coming. (Thread)
Increase in 18-29 year old share of early vote in select states:

MI - 120%
TX - 55%
MN - 37%
FL - 35%
WI - 31%
GA - 21%
AZ - 19%
NC - 16%
OH - 15%
NV - 13%
Very insightful new analysis from @RonBrownstein on the importance of what's happening here with young people. https://twitter.com/RonBrownstein/status/1319649614362898439
Here's the state by state data on the high early vote youth turnout from Clean and Prosperous America, a smart new organization working in the youth and climate space. https://cleanprosperousamerica.org/10-23-2020-young-voter-turnout/
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