Biden's raised an ungodly amount of money and is leading in most polls. Meanwhile, if we don't flip the Senate, the probability of passing ANY meaningful legislation in the next two years is basically zero. If you can still afford to make donations, that's a great place to do it.
You can donate to any Democratic Senate candidate via the links on this ActBlue page. (I can report from personal experience that small donations are fine, and they accept PayPal. It's like ordering a resumption of representative democracy from DoorDash.)
A good way to see which Senate contests are currently closest and could use a boost is to scroll down a bit on this page…

…and look at the races marked in gray (toss-ups) or pink (GOP candidate only slightly ahead) near the centerline in this diagram:
I don't normally ask this, but if anyone feels like retweeting any part of this thread, it couldn't hurt. Republican large donors have been shifting their attention from Trump (who looks increasingly like a lost cause) to the Senate, and it takes a LOT of us to equal one of them.
Picture Mitch McConnell not being Senate majority leader anymore, ask yourself what you'd be willing and able to pay to make that happen, and help make that happen. Imagine the look on his sad turtle face as he watches helplessly from the sidelines. Treat yourself! It's worth it.
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