@sidharth_shukla See this how @ishehnaaz_gill Fans are using our FC @sidharth_unity Video and disrespecting him. He is our FC and is followed by you
This is actual Face of #Shehnazians
They always abuse you, Neetu Di and #RitaAunty too
Sharing few SS how they are abusing our another FC @SidShukla_1
and torturing him to delete his tweet
He even Deactivated his ID several times and left twitter because of abuses getting from #Shehnaazians and #Sidnaazians to get Mental Peace
Sharing other SS where #Shehnazians n #Sidnaazians targetted n cursed #SidHearts Big handle @wingsoffly
He too thought of leaving twitter as he ws getting Family curse n abuse frm them
His Mental peace too gt disturbed coz of #Shehnazians n #Sidnaazians
#SidHearts r Facing alot
They even morphed @Introvert_Moni n @being_sarthak
Pics n abused them

#SidHearts daily trended for u just to see you Happy.Your Happiness matters a lot to us
#Sidnaazians and #Shehnazians were busy abusing you n even @eyehinakhan during ur stay at BiggBoss House
They cant see any other costar other than @ishehnaaz_gill working with u
N sorry to say but @ishehnaaz_gill too somewhere supports #Sidnaazians n #Shehnazians n add fuel in fire

Plz read this We #SidHearts love u n ur family 😔 n just want to make u aware
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