That intersection between ADHD and autism where you can’t just put away a few things that are mildly untidy in the house, you have to take everything else OUT, make a 20x BIGGER MESS, and then put all of it away ‘so it’s orderly’. 🙃🙄
Tell me it’s not just me whose inner tidying manual starts with ‘first you must make your home look like it has been ransacked by bears....’
Bonus points if you get so frustrated with the room you’ve destroyed you go into another one and repeat the process. BRB just checking out the structural integrity of the incinerator my landlady left in the garden. For no reason at all.
PS for the person who decided to tell me ‘not everything is a disorder’, I trust my doctors a bit more than some rando on Twitter, and sorry you blocked me within seconds - for tweeting light heartedly about my own disorder - before I got a chance to reply and say that. 🙄🙃
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