To understand they will work with others too, we hv been supporting their work with full enthusiasm. #SidNaaz too have been giving us glimpses for their relationship, be it anything. We have zealously & always contributed to solos trends too (2)

@ishehnaaz_gill @sidharth_shukla
& their solos projects too. For us too, @ishehnaaz_gill @sidharth_shukla r family. We too cry & laugh with them. Haters har fandom mein hai par uski vajah se poore fandom ko blame karna aur bolna yeh aise hai, fake h is definitely wrong. Sabse zyada hum target hote h solos se (3)
SidHearts k liye, we support @ishehnaaz_gill too toh hum galat, Shehnaazians k liye v support @sidharth_shukla toh again galat. Dono solos yeh nahi sochte ki #SidNaaz support one another too, r closest frds atleast. It is tough to remain positive amongst all this negativity (4)
Amidst hate, bt v r here to support & shower love on @sidharth_shukla @ishehnaaz_gill & will continue to do so. I want to say that instead of blaming others, let's uplift our idols, promote & support them wholeheartedly. Dont give in to hate rather love thm🤗 #SidNaaz (5)
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