It’s in my blood to be hopeful. I am my fathers daughter. There is so much that can be done at small and large community levels
1. Non political Soup kitchens (people in local govts can work together) - 👀👀 @EatDrinkLagos
2. Decentralised adult education programmes
3. National legal aid system - 👀👀👀 @Mochievous @adetolaov
4. Organised neck pressing - esp at state and local government level.
There is a lot to be done. You don’t need any one person to make it happen. FEMCO raised 150m even with an account blocked a few days in. I reckon we missed another 100 or so in funding because so many people don’t understand bitcoin. You guys have the power.
I am not saying it for fun. State governors, state house of reps and local governments have had defoliation of duty way too easy for too long with suppressed civic engagement. We can decide now, never again.
Please don’t give up. There is a template for organisation, for fundraising, for accountability and there can be one designed for negotiation and working with the government. Rest and “be watching all of them , like a bat” but we move oh. In different capacities, we move
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