Day 10 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY yet again:

Another retired officer from Leicestershire Police, Alistair Helm. On ‘Operation Dauntless’.

And Roger Rock, senior prosecutor at CPS. On why it did not prosecute.
Alistair Helm, as a detective chief superintendent, was in the ‘gold group’ that launched Operation Dauntless in 2006.

He is testifying behind closed doors at #CSAinquiry, but the publicly available evidence suggests that the gold group had minimal insight over the operation.
Freemasonry is known to have been rife at Leicestershire Police (and the county council).

However, Alistair Helm is unlikely to have been a mason because he was ordained mid-career. He retired from Leicestershire Police in 2008 and went on to be a priest in the Yorkshire Dales.
Roger Rock is a key witness in Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry and, of course, is being heard behind closed doors.

As a senior prosecutor at the CPS, he had a role in the Frank Beck case AND the two subsequent police operations re Lord Janner.
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