My uncle is a cook at the southern border for the US. Talked to him a couple weeks ago. Every person there is fed 3 great meals per day. He also said it’s crazy how many people still cross the border every day
He says people think they try to sneak in, he said they walk right up to the border and claim asylum... we take them in, feed them and give them a court date to determine citizenship.
They then still receive the option to get a bus ticket to anywhere in the United States. And..... he says they rarely ever come back for their court dates. And yes.. many of them get kicked out before given a court date bc they are in gangs or have violent crimes history
He also said, it’s true that many gang members will bring children with them that are not directly their children to seek asylum. So when they can’t find their parents, he tells me in part because... they came to the US without a real parent
Lastly.. he said we just are trained to think it’s Mexicans.. and it’s not. He said they come from all over South America, and some even travel to Mexico by ships and then attempt to walk across for asylum
Just crazy stuff
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