The most popular tweets of the night:

1- Joe Biden (25K retweets, 152K likes)
2- Ben Shapiro (21K retweets, 92K likes)
3- James Woods (17K retweets, 69K likes)
4- Daniel Dale (15K retweets, 59K likes)
5- Kamala Harris (13K retweets, 54K likes)
6- Daniel Dale (14K retweets, 58K likes)
7- Charlie Kirk (13K retweets, 17K likes)
8- Joe Biden (12K retweets, 96K likes)

UPDATE: This tweet by @realDonaldTrump right at the end of the debate has now surpassed all the others and is officially the most popular tweet of the night with 78K retweets and 168K likes #Debates2020
1.2 million tweets were overall sent from the moment the debate began right to the moment it ended. "Trump" appeared in 575,000 tweets, "Biden" in 341,000. The main hashtag #Debates2020 appeared in 362,000 tweets.
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