why ppl should stop using fonts ; a thread
firstly, fonts sound like this if you use screen readers, the screen readers couldn't read the full sentences, instead, they spell it alphabetically and including the font type.
tw // ableism
as i've said on my tweet before, using fonts is considered as ableism, maybe some of you doesn't know what ableism is , so ableism is discrimination in favor of able-bodied people. It's a single word which people are using instead of the longer phrases ++
tw // ableism
++ "disability discrimination" or "disability prejudice". simply ableism is like a condition where ppl mock someone who has disabilities.
tw // ableism
why is using fonts considered as ableism? some people may have difficulties to read, so technologies help. but these technologies (for example, screen readers) still can't read the fonts properly (video at the beginning) so by using fonts, you're ++
tw // ableism
making some people who have difficulties with reading a hard time because the screen readers cannot read it word by word, the screen readers will read it alphabetically.
feel free to add more information!
help me to spread the word. thank you đź’•
thank you so much for the additional information!!! so basically if you put fonts in your dn, some phones will censor it, and all you could see are either empty blocks or spaces, so pls remove fonts https://twitter.com/milkskoo/status/1319478572252237824?s=19
+++ https://twitter.com/HanJiSoo021/status/1319481696815738882?s=19
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