#Ontario keep this in mind when @fordnation tries to tell us that #Bill218 is supposed to protect "the little guy." These ties to for-profit LTC run deep. He's protecting these corporations, not the "little guy", not the ppl of this province & not the vulnerable. #onpoli
Also to further my point. This picture only shows a tiny portion of the corruption. https://twitter.com/OntarioHealthC/status/1319423716342796289?s=19
And this is how #Bill218 makes families of loved one's mistreated in LTC feel. https://twitter.com/l_stone/status/1319298926260948993?s=19
This is also an amazing thread demonstrating how what Ford and his staff say they will do for LTC never gets put to action. In fact, they often do the complete opposite. https://twitter.com/DrVivianS/status/1319016056946642949?s=19
This is behaviour typical of LTC homes. Read if you can. It is gut wrenching. https://twitter.com/Natdsjose/status/1318910989287542788?s=19
85% of #Ontario LTC homes regularly break the law with no consequences. Now Ford also wants to protect them from being sued... #onpoli https://twitter.com/balkissoon/status/1319600920263561216?s=19
#ontario to understand more about LTC & why they seem to be above the law, watch tonight's in-depth investigation on @cbcmarketplace. Tonight at 8pm. #bill218 #onpoli https://twitter.com/cbcmarketplace/status/1318928679414673408?s=19
#Ontario this from @ShepVill CEO.
"Some of you have complained profusely & have even engaged in costly legal proceedings which have created a significant financial burden on the organization"

How are these ppl in charge of CARE? #onpoli #CDNhealth https://twitter.com/DrVivianS/status/1319649289996566530?s=19
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