We cant help but credit ourselves for forcing @CityofEdmonton to face houselessness this season. They are accountable to the public. A 24/7 shelter does not fix the problem, and it will not be enough. However, Pekiwewin community members deserve more this winter.
Our advocacy will stay committed to ensuring this shelter is done in a way that honours what pekiwewin has stood for since day 1.
There is no excuse for the city to provide any less adequate care, ceremony and autonomy than what pekiwewin residents receive.The city is working with an 8Million budget, pekiwewin has operated entirely from community led mutual aid.
We will not be winding down camp until the @cityofedmonton provides the means of transitioning for pekiwewin residents from houselessness to security and safety. It's business as usual at pekiwewin.
Our advocacy does not end at the opening of Shaw Conference Centre. @cityofedmonton says they want to create the kind of space we have at pekiwewin. They say they’ll be lighting a sacred fire and a tipi for community to access.
They say they want our help to make it happen. We don't want performative gestures, we dont want to provide free consultation to white agencies on how to live out our cultures. We want Indigenous led harm reduction, we want to see Indigenous led governing of the space.
we want to see @CityofEdmonton invite communities like @blmyeg to lead the conversation... which we do not think they've even considered. We need legitimate consultation with our grandmothers, elders, young Indigenous organizers and local Indigenous leadership.
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