A model which is more successful is no-permission-required integration against a popular ecosystem, getting traction via your own efforts, *and then* getting the ecosystem to promote you via their mailing list and/or other platforms. (Ask for the email. Get the email.)
Note that there have been a lot of wonderful SaaS businesses, particularly in bootstrapped land, built by "integration marketing."

You're spending limited marginal engineering investment to get a population of users with a need created by a product gap in an adjacent platform.
Note that this product gap is often exposed by Google searches and that no one and I mean no one should care more about owning the SERP for "How do I [foo] with [platform]" than you do.

This built Zapier, etc, and you can do it in a very scalable fashion.
Can I expand a little bit on "get the email"? This is a big ask but it is so, so, so much higher volume than any sort of partner directory/etc. (Which are worthwhile, especially because they become the default answer for that platform's CS team, but get less clicks than email.)
(You are going to be asking explicitly to be included in the main newsletter which goes out to substantially all users of the platform biweekly or monthly, ideally with an editorial endorsement rather than under the heading Cool Links.)
("Editorial endorsement"? Like, convince the platform that many of their users are worried about tax compliance or whatever come April and so in their January newsletter they should have a section on tax compliance *which explicitly recommends the user consider you*.)
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