I wonder if the people who are rude to strangers online genuinely feel better internally afterwards
The best part is, these people are usually picking at a very minor flaw or something about the influencer in question. Which can then encourage/reinforce the idea that influencers are supposed to be “perfect,” so they try to curate this perfect life/image on social,
and THEN people complain about them not being real/relatable and being overly curated.

Whereas if people just allowed each other to messily exist in the first place, we wouldn’t be having this issue!!!
“Ew you have zits your skin is so bad...”
“... but don’t edit them out or you’re lying to us!”
“Why do you pose so much just be real...”
“... the way your skin folds when you slouch looks so bad. Sit up straight or something.”
“Share what you eat with us, we want ideas!”
“You buy store bought peanut butter instead of making it yourself at home? I thought you were healthy.”
So you want the middle of a Venn Diagram between “perfection” and “reality?”
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