Just gave a chat at a university. I am going to share what I recommend Disability Support Offices look like in higher ed.
1. First, offices of disability need to determine their purpose, is their purpose to help disabled students to succeed in higher education and graduate, or is their purpose to provide basic accommodations, because the two are not mutually inclusive
2. Many disability offices run off of an outdated model of service delivery, when they should be a social justice models of solidarity and support, equity and disability justice.
3. They need to track students and graduation rates. How do we fund offices without showing data on what they have achieved?
4. They need to do outreach on campus. Students need to know they exist, students who may not identify as having a disability as they have not been diagnosed. People of color are less likely to be diagnosed compared to their white peers. (In certain categories)
5. They need to educate faculty on accessibility and disability. So many professors dont know anything about it!
6. And super simple: HIRE PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES TO WORK IN THE OFFICE! This really is basic. We know what we need.
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