A brief thread on a conversation with my 10 yr old surrounding proposed curriculum changes in #abed.
Picked my daughter up from dance class last night and asked how it went. She said it was great and they changed some of the choreography because the original

was too advanced for some of the kids. “We did it for equity”, she says. “Equity? Interesting word choice”, I respond, knowing full well it was all over social media yesterday. “Where did you hear that?”. She’s not on any SM platforms.
“Social Studies. It’s part of FREJ, Dad”.
She said it so matter of factly that I felt dumb with my follow up question...
“What’s FREJ?”
Her response was so perfect, I wish I got it on video.
“FREJ - Freedom, Representation, Equity, and Justice. The four pillars of Democracy. Everyone knows that Dad.”
I told her that there’s a proposal to take the word “equity” out of the curriculum.
“But how do we properly learn about democracy if we don’t learn about equity?”
Great question kid, great question. She went on to tell me all about the Rights and Responsibilities of each pillar.
It left me wondering that if we’re turning out such great students, why such scrutiny on schools? Why remove a literal Pillar of Democracy from elementary school language?

My girl was pretty aghast at the changes proposed in this curriculum.
She told me she can’t wait to be old enough to vote. Is this the legacy the UCP is cultivating now? Perceived short term political gains on the backs of a whole generation of brilliant AB students who will soon be voters...

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