if ur a trans or nonbinary stay and ur feeling down, open this thread, it's safe! /gen
hey! I wanna start by saying ur so cool and amazing. no matter how u identify as ur valid and im sorry you feel sad but I hope this can cheer you up a little, even if it's cheesy
ur pronouns are so cool! all of them, neopronouns included of course. mine are she/they, so shoutout to all my she/theys reading this hehe
hey you know what? I'm sure if you told felix your pronouns he'd think they're awesome!
"oh you go by they/them? that's so cool! :D" just imagine his smile pls
and if he wasn't familiar with them he would for sure ask you how to use them so he wouldn't mess up. he always wants to make sure stays feel comfy w him
"ae/aer? that sounds so cool, how do you use that in a sentence? :o I'll practice so I get it right!"
and he would ABSOLUTELY practice your pronouns pls he'd try his best to respect any pronouns you tell him about
felix to himself in the dorms: "xe went to the park ... I went with xem ... xe brought xyr frisbee ... okok i think I got it"
and I've only talked about felix but all 8 of the boys would absolutely love to hear about your pronouns I promise! they'd practice and they'd correct eachother if they messed up
and we all know chan is always on here! no doubt in my mind he's seen us talk about our gender and pronouns. I'm sure he's proud of us for being happy with our identities :(
they love all stays no matter what and wanna be a safe space for us, so don't listen to anyone who says they wouldn't respect someone's pronouns >:( they 100% would
now! I've been cheesy enough. go take a minute to breathe. drink some water and relax. listen to some skz music! give urself some room to cheer up. and remember: skz love you so much <3
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