Issue of #refugees and IDPs in #Armenia #Artsakh #Karabakh and #Azerbaijan @Refugees The Azerbaijani claim of “1 million displaced” is grossly inaccurate as that number encompasses the number of displaced on BOTH sides. The real numbers are ~600k Azerbaijanis and ~400k Armenians.
An interesting fact that if Artsakh were to return 5 of the 7 districts (Ağdam, Füzuli, Cəbrayil, Zəngilan, and Qubadlı) and keep the 2 that connect the former NKAO with Armenia (Laçın and Kəlbəcər) ~80% of Azerbaijani IDPs can return home, solving a major aspect of the conflict.
In any case most Armenian refugees/IDPs would probably not be able to (or not wish to) return to their homes that would remain under Azerbaijani control. Most Armenian refugees have already been resettled comfortably in Armenia and Artsakh.
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