Today is #NationalColorDay, and colors are a vital element of icons. The natural pigments used in egg tempera icons are so rich that even after hundreds of years the colors are still vibrant. The iconographer chooses each color carefully with precise intentions.
In MOG icons, the outer veil is red, the color of divinity, the clothes under the veil is green or blue, the colors of humanity.

Joy to All Who Suffer
Some more examples:
Gold – radiant light of God, celestial kingdom, diving nature of God
Purple – Byzantium, royalty, sometimes given to Mary as celestial queen
White – purity/innocence, truth/goodness, wisdom
Blue – infiniteness of the sky/heavens, Heavenliness, spiritual life
Green – the natural world, youth, hope, holy spirit, divine inspiration
Brown – earth, dust, humanity
Black – evil, death
Red – divinity, royalty, martyrdom
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