twitter loyal history class (thread)
On the 23 of March i founded twitter loyal with a couple of mates
many battles have started since then one of the more mentioned one is “TWITTER LOYAL V KPOP STANS”

(Spoiler alert we won)

Our 2 toughest warriors @Gehqi were @Tommy_Ruari
Final score.
I personally made this beautiful creation which no one bought (for the better)
Following the aftermath of the “Twitter loyal V Kpop stans” @Lewis1872_ started simping for some kpop girl... turns out it was a 54 year old man.
Here comes the days of pretending to add folk, this is a personal favourite.
HOWEVER a separate group chat made from the boys fromTwitter loyal ™

Union twitter was born!
During that time Yumtastic loyals was made (twitter loyal’s snap group”) was made by @lewisxrfc
During this time we picked up the absolute legend @heartacolombia @jxhnreid3 (verified weapon) and many others
This boy deserves a special tweet, we picked up

@roryd72 the absolute gangster
Many people thought our group was going to dissolve but it started to grow stronger with many das asking

“What’s a twitter loyal”
We held an application to get into twitter loyal then this happened

@1872Tyler and @Charlie1872_ era began
We grew stronger each day starting fights with other group chats and killing them, but what happened next is a shock
many people in twitter loyal had massive bangs with

Tested positive for being the best player in _______

A lot of transfer rumours happened, to save me 7 months of my life I’m not going to mention them.
@Gehqi has had many iconic moments in twitter loyal

If you adore her castore her

But what happened next was unbelievable
@misslanawolf joined us on a record breaking deal of 2 Jaffa cakes and a fish supper!
Lana was here and it was staunch
This was everyone’s reaction... it was unbelievable


This is when we bully @RngrsKaden for the iconic line

“Stop obsessing over us and get laid”

Rangers drew galatasary in the europa league which was never going to end well...

After we beat them this was the highlights
it was bad...

All rangers twitter started using the Armenia flag to get back at them and it sure did annoy them...
Fast forward a couple of months

Rangers V Celtic
long story short

goldson was mad and we won
Fast forward to present day we signed the staunch translator

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