California has the tech and capacity to meet the needs of the grid with clean energy but we need to change the way regulations treat clean resources like energy storage and demand response to unlock these resources at scale
Today, @PoweredbyEBCE joined a coalition of leading CCAs, DR providers, rooftop solar and storage installers and energy storage developers to call for common sense changes to electric reliability rules to unlock thousands of MWs of clean energy that can be deployed by 2021
1st is to provide certainty for the reliability value of 4-hour energy storage resources. This is key for both energy providers like CCAs and energy storage developers as the risk of diminished RA value in the future increases costs and willingness to invest
2nd is for the @California_ISO to reevaluate its minimum charge requirement proposal. The MCR requirement would reduce the amt of storage that is able to participate in the CAISO market, thus reducing ability of both existing and new storage from responding when the grid needs it
3rd is for the @california_ISO to amend the rules governing proxy demand response by allowing exported energy to fulfill the market bid requirement for BTM storage while the @californiapuc creates a clear process for assigning capacity value to BTM storage
4th is for the @californiapuc to eliminate is recently approved 8.3% cap on the ability of demand response to be counted as resource adequacy
5th is for the @californiapuc to take immediate steps to reduce the cost and complexity of load impact protocol evaluations while also devising a separate process for assigning capacity value to BTM storage
This is admittedly all pretty wonky stuff, but its these deep in the weeds market rules that have huge potential to bring more existing clean resources into the mix while creating an environment for massive new investment in storage, renewables and demand response
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