I'm VERY hesitant to sound like I'm ever equating bc I'm a white male.

The word "faggot" to me is very painful. VERY very painful.

I was called that repeatedly growing up until I was 12 or so.

Some schoolmates won't know what I'm talking about but I was called it almost daily
It was violent.


That bullying is always with me. That pain is inside me today.

I cannot accept anyone who is not 🏳️‍🌈 saying that word.

A violent affront to me. I don't care what the context is.

I won't accept a str8 person saying it in my presence.
I was assaulted while that word was employed.

When another kid was in a fight or beaten up, that was the word they were condemned with.

That was the word violent gay bashers used in my time growing up.
I even get upset when 🏳️‍🌈 use it. I've had bitter arguments about it.

I'm not comfortable with my own community using it.

For me, because of that almost daily trauma, it's a frightening, foul word for me.

For me it's not a word I can "reclaim". Never.

It's just way too painful
It was never MY word.

It was a WEAPON that was used to bludgeon my insides.

But I recognize I'm older and that was a different time and other 🏳️‍🌈 use it free of what it was to me.

I *grudgingly* tolerate it but only just, from other LGBTQ2.

But THAT'S it. No one else.
So I think on *some* level I might have a tiny sense at least of how black people feel with 'THAT' word. What it means to them.

I fully support students at the University of Ottawa.

And the Bloc is wrong.

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