THREAD Worrying that much media are reporting favourably on EU Council's CAP deal. Please look at what lies beneath Ag minister @JuliaKloeckner deal and how it is is similarly dangerous as the Parliament's...

Protection of peatlands and wetlands:
Adequate" protection becomes "minimum" protection, and only then from 2025. (3% of EU land area of drained peatlands is responsible for 25% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and 5% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the EU).
Mandatory sustainability tool for nutrient management is deleted (as with Parliament's compromise deal)
Crop rotation not mandatory anymore- all the current 'greening' exceptions/ much less effective practices again there
Prohibition of ploughing and converting of grassland in Natura2000 areas: The addition "which are designated as environmentally sensitive grassland in Natura2000 areas" risks many being ploughed up, since not all are designated as environmentally sensitive
#Space4Nature made a whole lot more complex (i.e. fake): choice between 3% non-productive area & 5% with productive area = status quo. Arable land only which excludes 40% of ag area. Many exempted-MS with a lot of forest, small farmers, farmers with a lot of grassland, etc. etc.
Counting of payments that don't have any environmental conditions (ANCs - Article 66) into the budget for environment ('in Pillar 2')- de facto looking at a -40% in the money available for real environmental measures. Commission has clearly stated this is a red line @jwojc
20% for ecoschemes, but seem to be some serious loopholes like paying per 'livestock unit' (animal) = the more animals you have the more you get. Budget also expanded to more objectives, so more opportunities to spend on non-environmental measures
The Council also plans to increase 'coupled payments' from 10% to 13%. These are the production payments of the past that led to massive overproduction and environmental damage as they encourage intensification.
Deletes indicator for how much landscape features are on farms. We wouldn't want any scutiny of how far we are to the Biodiversity Strategy's 10% target now...
Deletes indicators on emissions reductions for livestock, meaning no targets will have to be set in this area
we definitely shouldn't be spending public money on creating woodland, just commercial forestry please
delete targets and indicators for reducing nutrients
This one should be interesting for MEPs who just voted on the deforestation report by @delarabur - 'protecting forest ecosystems' becomes 'sustainable forest management' (on which the EU's rules are really questionable)
Oh and we definitely wouldn't want any local markets or short supply chains to be encouraged
Explicitly makes clear that the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategy targets must be ignored in the Commission's approval of the plans
This may be even longer than the last😅. was just really hard to pick out of all the shocking things. Hopefully enough to show that we shouldn't believe the hype. With such a Council and Parliament position, @vonderleyen can forget about a #EUGreenDeal compatible CAP
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