Watching question period, just heard @rebeccakschulz say, re: AISH, "I would encourage the members opposite to quit playing politics with vulnerable Albertans."

Are you KIDDING US, Minister Schulz? The UCP has been "playing politics" with vulnerable Albertans since election day.
In fact I cannot REMEMBER a government at ANY level that has done as much gaslighting and projection about their own actions

-You messed up AISH payments, as predicted, when you moved dates.
-You're screwing over patients with your STAMP program.
-AB children at risk in school.
-Students have to pay more tuition.
-EVERYONE has to pay higher insurance rates cause you got rid of the cap.
-Seniors with dependents were screwed over with your drug plan.
-You are undermining our public health system.
-You are undermining our education system.
Let me say this as plainly as I can, Minister

No matter how much you point fingers, it is YOUR UCP government who is politicking with vulnerable Albertans, failing us at every step, and hanging us out to dry.

You can't deny it.

#AbPoli #AbLeg #AbHealth #AbEd
The list of UCP failures since taking office in 2019 is a very, very long one.

We are frustrated, hurt, angry.

And instead of taking responsibility & apologizing for the many ways you are throwing us under the bus, you stand your ground and point fingers.

That's reprehensible.
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